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App description:

Join millions of Muslims from all around the world who benefit from the du'aas (supplications) in "Fortress of a Muslim" on a daily basis. MyDuaa is the first fully-featured application to bring you the complete collection of authentic du'aas compiled in Fortress of a Muslim … all with a unique and user-friendly experience. Download myDuaa today and find out how this app can help empower you, insha'Allah. 

★★★ FEATURES ★★★

★ Complete Collection from Hisnul Muslim (Fortress of a Muslim) ★
- 285+ authentic du'aas (with many more coming soon)
- Duaa's for every occasion

★ Read & Connect ★
- Arabic
- Transliteration
- Translation
- References

★ Listen and Learn ★
- High quality audio
- Beautiful recitations for each du'aa
- Looping feature to assist with memorization

★ Beautifully Designed, Seamlessly Functional ★
- Innovative navigation menu
- Optimized for retina displays
- User-adjustable font size
- Powerful search engine (Arabic & English)

★ myFavorites ★

- Quickly bookmark any du'aa with a single tap
- Favorites section for easy access to your personal compilation

★ Sharing made Easy ★
- Facebook
- E-Mail
- Text Message
- Clipboard

… and many more exciting features are on the way, insha'Allah!!

★ Your Support ★
We are extremely humbled and appreciative for all the supporting feedback we get every day from Muslims all over the world. If you enjoy and benefit from this app, please take a moment to help support us by rating myDuaa! JazakumAllahu khayran!

Visit our website and follow us on Facebook & Twitter for exciting updates and exclusive free extras!

حصن المسلم, دعاء, قرآن

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