Easy Budget Planner - Tracker & Finance Manager

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Category: Finance

Version: 1.4

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Easy Budget Planner is a personal finance app for budget planning and money management. 

* Easily Track And Add Monthly Expenses
* See Your Expenses And Income At One Place
* Track Your Remaining Budget For Current Month
* Visual Representation Of Income/Expenses
* Easily Add Income/Expense With Custom Payment Method


Easy Budget Planner helps you make sense of your budgeting and spending with in-app reports.

* Know how to modify your budget after analysing reports

* Spending by report (cool-looking chart!)

* Income vs spending report

If you're looking to track where your money goes, plan your spending, or create a budget that works, try us out!

Easy Budget Planner: Nothing venture nothing have.

Features, bugs? Please email us at dopaminetech@gmail.com
!We're happy to help!

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