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L.A. Times: “Your New Travel BFF!” 
Planning to travel anywhere in the US? Compare hotels, attractions, activities and restaurants with the smartest trip planner around. 
Get personalized recommendations and plan together with fellow travelers. Download Desti and have a great trip!

“When my husband and I decide to take a trip it’s always a week-long effort to guess which hotels, motels, restaurants and activities are worth our time. I just checked out Desti and so desperately want to take that extended holiday I so badly need based on your amazing app. Yaozuh!”… 
Laura B. from Sunnyvale, CA

Sifting through all of the reviews, ratings, and sites is overwhelming and time consuming – isn’t it time you let someone else do that for you? 

Meet Desti-your personal travel concierge. It loves planning trips for people. No, really. It. Loves. It. Whether it's a dream Hawaii retreat, a family vacation in Orlando or a spontaneous weekend getaway to Napa Valley, It will use all the power in its servers to tailor a custom travel plan specifically for you. 

Desti understands you – ask it for your specific wishes and Desti will immediately find them. “hotel with a gym and a pool under $250”, “children’s museum that’s near the park and shows animals”, “great spa with body treatments” – Desti understands, searches, compares and suggests! Desti does your travel homework for you – automatically finding articles on trusted sources to help you choose the best places.

Some of the things that Desti will do for you: 

• Search hundreds of thousands of resorts, hotels, B&Bs, vacation rentals, attractions, activities, tours, landmarks, and much more! 
• Compare hotel prices on all leading travel agent sites to find you the best hotel at the best price!
• Plan Road Trips on a map – tracing along your route and finding the best places to stop
• Get all the info in one search – Desti analyzes thousands of sites to tell you what places are like, and links you back to information on TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Wikipedia, Flickr, Expedia, HotelsCombined, HomeAway and many other sites!
• Share your search with friends and family – plan trips together, get advice and tips!
• Find the best restaurants, cafés and bars
• Book hotels directly in Desti - Expedia / provide the hotel booking services at great prices

Use Desti for travel everywhere in the US. Desti currently covers all of the popular destinations in the US: Hawaii, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Florida, Chicago, Boston, Atlantic City, Denver and most everywhere in between. 

Sorry – Desti only covers North America at this time!

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