Love Time - countdown to important dates and holidays

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Version: 2.0

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App description:

Have you forgotten an anniversary, or a birthday?  Want to track how many days until your wedding or Valentine's day?

-All new for iOS 8

- Love Time is a simple way to keep track of your most important dates and special holidays

- This app will will delight you with it's elegant and simple method of keeping you informed of your special events.

- At a glance see how many days until each of your events.  Quickly delete, add or edit events with intuitive swipes and taps.

- Set up convenient alerts that will send you a notification reminding you of an upcoming events.

I made this app to help me always remember my anniversary and my wife's birthday!  Give it a try and let it do the same for you.

Thank you for your support. Enjoy.

Keep track of:
Special events
Valentine's Day
Wedding Day

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