Free Music Downloads for SoundCloud

Platform: iPhone & iPad

Category: Music

Version: 2.1

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Price: $3.99

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App description:

Download your favourite SoundCloud music! 

You will be able to download your favourite music, comedy, news, podcasts and more into your iPhone/iPod/iPad, play it all anytime, anywhere and OFFLINE!

Key features:
- Discover & search directly on SoundCloud
- Quick audio preview before downloading
- Integrated music player
- Background playback
- Playlist playback
- Manage and protect your playlist by passcode
- Shows song title and artist
- Album artwork
- Shuffle function
- AirPlay support
- Lockscreen controls
- and many more

Note: This is not the official SoundCloud-App. It uses the API of SoundCloud and respects their policy, so only songs available for download can be downloaded.

Link to the official SoundCloud app:

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