Canada offline map & guide Hotel, weather, trips: Toronto,Vancouver,Montreal,Ottawa

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This app offers you complete offline Canada guidebook with city guides for: 
Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Niagara Falls, Alberta, British Columbia and other travel destinations in Canada.

Try this FREE & OFFLINE travel guide with cities, attractions, road map, local prices, tips and reviews added by hikers.
This app is 100% FREE and works OFFLINE all data are stored in app - no hidden payments & no roaming charges!

• Available in 15 languages.
• 100% free and offline (no roaming charges)

Features of the Canada  GuideBook:
• Best travel destinations  in Canada
• List of attractions with multi-language descriptions and photos
• 70 Currency converter 
• longterm weather forecast, works in offline mode to
• Travel reviews & social recommendation
• Multiple language support (15 languages)
• Best Trips, Adventures, and To Do
• Cheap hotel booking and car hire

What people say:
• "Great app ...especially if you are on a short trip and want to quickly find things to see & do."
• "Excelent Super amazing app..jus made my work easier."
• "Smart App As a traveller or tourist you would be reluctant to take a data package in the UAE due to the exorbitant data charges. I downloaded this app from my hotel room wifi and was set to explore dubai. Thanks!"

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