My Budget Book Next - Accounts Tracker 2 Checkbook & Monthly Spending Tracker and Budget Planner

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Version: 2.4

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My Budget Book Next is an app that helps you keep track of your expenses in a really easy and elegant way. All you need to do is to enter your expenses and incomes to monitor how much you spend, what you spend on and how much you have left to spend. You can do it where ever you are. 


- Week, Month and Year overview with stylish drill-down bar charts showing you how you spent your money and how much money you have left.

- When you add your incomes and expenses they show up in a list per day.

- A flexible category structure where you add the categories  that suits you and your lifestyle.

- Export your expenses to Excel, CSV

- You decide when your month starts, for example the 25th of each month whenyou get your salary, and see how much money you have left to spend.

- Set all your accounts, such as bank accounts, credit cards, cash and get the current balance.

- Password to protect your information

The product is simple to use and will evolve along with its users needs.

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