Event Countdown Free - Countdown timer for important dates and life events. Birthday, Holiday, Christmas, Wedding, Anniversary, Pregnancy, Graduation or Race

Platform: iPhone & iPad

Category: Productivity

Version: 1.2

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App description:

Event Countdown is a free and simple countdown timer app for the important dates and events in your life.

- Store all your event dates in one place
- Colour code your events
- Choose from 800 icons
- Share your Event on Facebook and Twitter
- Add notes to events

Countdown - 5 Stars
by Mjm70
Easy to use bright and colourful

Countdown to success - 5 Stars
by JulesT-001
This app is simple, effective & really easy to use. It looks & feels like the standard Apple layout. So easy to personalise your events and create things to look forward to. The visual impact for a list of future events is great. Thank you for making a great little app.

Great App - 5 Stars
by Emmrarr
Works well, can have multiple and share it to FB

Great app - 5 Stars
by ZoeSymonds
I really loved this app, it was so simple to use, I like that you can personalise each event. Best countdown app I've used. It's currently counting down the days until my next holiday! Thank you

Easy to use - 5 Stars 
by JazzieS
Wow! This app is great. So easy to set up and you can see all the information you need at a glance! I highly recommend it.

Great app - 5 Stars
by Abe1961
Brilliant little app does everything it is supposed to using all the time

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